25 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Wondering Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money?

Don’t worry! 90% of bloggers are not making enough money from their blogs. You are just one among them.

I was on the list for a couple of years and successfully moved to the other group (The money makers!).

I created many niche websites in 2018 and made a monthly income of less than $100. That was not enough for me to run all my sites. Then I realized I was doing something wrong.

In this post, I am sharing some possible reasons why your blog is not making money.

25 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money

Wrong Niche Selection

As you know, there are many low-profitable niches. Now I am not talking about them, but about the wrong topic choice.

You choose a topic that you are not passionate about, or less known. So you can’t make awesome content for your readers regularly. Hence, the result is poor content, less traffic, and no money.

Tips – Find successful bloggers in your niche, follow them, study the topic, copy their ideas (not content) create awesome content with a twist.

No Targeted Traffic

Your blog is getting enough traffic, but no sales. More readers, but no conversion. This is because your blog is not getting targeted traffic.

Tips – Know your audience. You can’t market without knowing your audience. To get targeted traffic and conversions, you have to know who your audience is.

Always Think About Search Engines, Not Humans

You do everything to please the search engines, nothing for your readers. Pleasing search engines bring more traffic, and unpleasant readers simply go away.

Tips – Always create content for your readers. Analyze your readers and adjust to what readers like to read. Your readers make you rich, not search engines.

Wasting Time & Money On Social Media

There are many successful bloggers who drive traffic and sales through social media. If you are not getting good results from social media, spending more time and money is completely a bad idea.

Tips – Other than spending money on social media for promotion and getting followers, try to build a relationship with your fellow bloggers and followers.

Find time to solve your follower’s problems and make them your subscribers.

No Content, Only Promotions

How many times a person buys a hosting account from you?. Only once, right? So promoting the same thing over and over never make sense. When was the last time your visitors actually saw epic content on your site?

Tips – People actually looking for content that solves their problems. So don’t overwhelm yourself with your promotions. Make quality content.

No Viral Content

You don’t focus on creating content that is worth reading and sharing.

Your Blog Has Only Readers, No Subscribers

You blog in a way that “You take, then go”. So people read your content and simply go away from your site.

Every successful blog has a huge subscriber base. Always offer a subscription form with a call-to-action to your readers.

Once you start getting traffic, work on getting them opt-in (you can offer some freebies to get them sign-up), and make them your buyers.

Wasting More Advertisement Space

You are wasting advertisement space by simply showing ads that never pay you.

Tips – Use this space to promote your own products, promote affiliate products, or place an opt-in form.

Not Solving Reader’s Problem

People always visit your site for solutions. Analyze what are their problems? What matters to them? That’s what you need to write about.

No Monetization Strategy

Making money from your site not only depends on your traffic and content but also on the monetization strategies you are using.

AdSense works well for some niches, but not every time for others. For example, technical sites get fewer AdSense clicks than fashion-related sites.

In that case, affiliate marketing, CPM ads, selling your own products, etc. will definitely increase the income potential.

These top 10 issues are related to your content, traffic, and monetization. Solving these makes your blog 50% more profitable.

The remaining 15 issues are small but equally important.

11. You are not at all professional, still using free hosting and domain.

12. You are a copycat. Only produce common content in a common style.

13. You have no great headlines to catch the audience’s attention.

14. You are not researching what your readers want to read.

15. You are spending more time researching how to make money blogging.

16. You are promoting non-quality products or services, just for a commission.

17. You are spending too much money and time on SEO.

18. You are modifying your content just for search engines, based on your SEO plugin score.

19. You are not at all giving importance to images and video content in your blog.

20. You sell text links on your site just for making fewer dollars and spoiling all your site ranking.

21. You are wasting time on Google Analytics, Alexa, and other SEO tools.

22. Your blog design sucks. No proper navigation, or alignment and still using a free theme.

23. Your blog is too slow and no one really wants to wait for reading a slow-loading site.

24. You don’t have a Call-to-Action to make more sales.

25. You keep on finding all the problems, but not solving them.

What’s your Reason

I found all the reasons why my blogs are not making enough money and fixed them.

What is your reason?

Let us discuss this in the comment section.

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